[Release]Full Season 1 server - NO BUGS!

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[Release]Full Season 1 server - NO BUGS! Empty [Release]Full Season 1 server - NO BUGS!

Post by bram on Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:41 pm

Bugless 1.00.08 Season 1 FULL Server


  • None found to this date providing client/main listed below is used and server is properly configured.


  • Full Season 1 items and Events
  • Devil's Square
  • Blood Castle
  • Choas Castle
  • Deep Loren Invasion
  • Golden Mob Invasion
  • White Wizard Invasion
  • Castle Siege
  • Crywolf

Customizations included in .ini:

  • Customizable Jewel Prices
  • Customizable Excellent Drop Rate
  • Customizable Mana Sheild Percentage Rate
  • Customizable Jewel Percentage Rates
  • Customizable Chaos Machine Rates
  • Special Zen Drop Rate
  • Special Map Experience Rate
  • PK Clear Guard NPC - Speak with PK Clear Guard and you can In-Game Instantly Clear your PK Status for Customized Price
  • Golden Archer NPC - Find a Rena/Stone and Speak with Golden Archer to trade for Item that you Specifiy in .ini
  • Global Chat Price/Level Set
  • InGame Stat Add Configuration
  • Lost Castle Event Settings

Configuration Guides:

  • Server (Both Router and Non Router) - Configure all IPs, set your Rates/Amounts. Server Config Complete
  • Client - Basic Client Configuration (as you would any client), Use any launcher application builder you like

Server File Download Link:

1.00.08 Customized Bug Free by CzF
Mirror 1 if Primary Link is unavailable
Mirror 2 if Primary Link and Mirror 1 are Unavailable

eRRoR's Lost Castle Patch

Client Download Links:

Full Client...Must be used to ensure no bugs
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

Client with no Sound (80 MB)

SQL Server 2005:

SQL Server 2005

credits :
CoderzFactory Team
Primary Coder : eRRoR
Repack of server and client: UnForSaken
Client and Testing: LastLand Mu/UnicorN


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