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Post by Z.E.N CoDeR on Sun Dec 23, 2007 4:42 pm

Here SS

[Realese]MuWeb v0.8 6l4cdv5

Basic Options

* MD5 (yes/no)
* WebShop
* Events List
* Register
* Rankings
* User Control Panel
* Admin Area
* Music (yes/no)

* Rates (NEW!)
* Dedicated Server Info (NEW!)
* FaQ (NEW!)
* GM/Admins List (NEW!)
* Tutorials (NEW!)
* Mp3 Player (New Style)
* Login Screen (NEW!)
* VoteLinks

Attention !

- After the installation configure File new_config.php.

- If you use MD5 Dowload the patch.

Waiting For My next Release.

Good Luck.

Here The Link : MD5_DLL

Here The Link : MuWeb 0.8 Haste Style With Music
Here The Link : MuWeb 0.8 Haste Style Without Music
Php-Code : =Master=
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