[Release]CrY WolF WeB By Dark Team

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[Release]CrY WolF WeB By Dark Team Empty [Release]CrY WolF WeB By Dark Team

Post by bram on Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:45 pm

CrY WolF WeB By Dark Team

- Add Top 10 charachter and Guild Ranking in Main Page.
- PK fix - For Every Kill wants The Zen which you are put into AdminAreata(not for all kills).
- Add BloodCastle And DevilSquare Event Time in Main Page.
- Edit The Ranking And Add more Options:

Ranking Image

Here the Images of Web:


Credits: to Dark Team

Credits to =Master=
- Made muweb 0.8
Credits to NikeR :
- Reskin The Web
- Add New Ranking Oprions
- Add top 10 in Main Page

Credits to Mephisto:
- Add DS and BC in Main Page
- PK fix


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