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[Release]Mu Server version 0.74 (Old) Empty [Release]Mu Server version 0.74 (Old)

Post by bram on Sat Oct 20, 2007 5:50 pm

Moves : losttower, noria, devias, lorencia, dungeon, arena. To enter in atlans you need to be in a party

Comands : (/) move, trade, party, /whisper on/off, war, soccer. (Other comands you can find at message_chs.wtf)

0.74 info :
Characters : Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard.
Best Set : DK - Dragon Set ; Fairy Elf - Guardian ; Dark Wizard - Legendary.
Skills : DK - All Weapons Skills, cuz dk don't have Twisting slash Yet ;D ; Fairy Elf - Bow Skills, Summon, Defense and Damage Bufs ; Dark Wizard - Evil Spirits.
Additional Info : no 2lvl race. Like bk me and sm. 1lvl wings can create at Cgoblin. Guild System Exists.

Also Fixed Database. Created ODBC.reg file. And also you can join your server by using main.exe, in Client Folder find partition.ini and open it. You will see somethin' like 'Miracle 44405' Miracle - Server Name ; - your server ip adress ; 44405 - server port. Also Translated main.exe

[Release]Mu Server version 0.74 (Old) Dadavd3.th

The news table in main.exe (where's ragezone forum) link you can change in message.wtf file. Just Open it with WTF Editor ( you will find it in your server files ) and find text 'http://forum.ragezone.com' and change to your webpage.

Hope you will like it.

Server Files : Free file hosting by Savefile.com

Client Patch : Free file hosting by Savefile.com

How To Create Account : Free file hosting by Savefile.com

Client : 0.74_client.rar - FileFront.com

Credits to : CFZ for findin' client ar server files, also unpacked main.


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